Group Performance

Developmental Programs

PWR Performance Performance Classes
include two developmental programs:
Compete and Win

With participation in our performance classes, athletes will:
  • Know where their individual performance baseline is and how to interpret the information

  • Have a sensible general plan of action on how to improve particular areas necessary for achieving higher performance

  • Learn about other key components of being a high performing student-athlete such as goal setting, nutrition, and effective recovery strategies.
Performance Classes
COMPETE (12yo – 14yo)

At this age, athletes are highly receptive to skill and technical training.

  • Standards and expectations
  • Emphasis on competition
  • Understanding critical components of performance (i.e. periodization, nutrition, and recovery)
WIN (15yo+)

At this age, athletes have had enough background in the sport to begin to train more like an elite athlete.

  • Mastery of skill and technique
  • Emphasis on peak performance
  • Develop and implement the Integrated Performance Plan

Maximize Your Athletic Performance

Our expertise, combined with your drive to advance your performance, allows us to create a custom program specifically tailored to you.